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After accumlation and development of 10 years, we have formed a complete system of pump design, selection, application, manufacture, marketing and maintenance. We still adhere technological innovation, top quality, service society, and propose unite, forward-looking, pragmatic, push. Our customers are at home and abroad.
Shijiazhuang Depon Pump Company is professional manufacturer in all kinds of centrifugal pumps, mainly slurry pump, water pump, chemical pump etc, and kinds of high quantity high head pumps are all available.

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Centrifugal Sand Slurry Pump

Horizontal Centrifugal Sand Pump,Liquid medium:Slurry; Bearing frame:C; Max. Power:30kw; Max. Particle Size:28mm; Impeller Code:D3147

Diesel Water Pump High Pressure Type

High Pressure Multistage Pumps,Flowrate:6.3m3/h,Head:250m, type D6-25x10, Price: USD1,192 ONLY

Multistage Pumps For Centrifugal Type

High Pressure Multistage Pumps,Flowrate:6.3m3/h,Head:150m, type D6-25x6, Price: USD932 ONLY

Agriculture High Pressure Water Pump

High Pressure Pumps for irrigation, long distance transfer, type D6-25x2, Price: USD672 ONLY

132kw Submesible Sand Dredger Pump Centrifugal Pump

132kw Submesible Sand Dredger Pump Centrifugal Pump -- Type: SS400-60-132 -- Promotion Price: USD20,655 -- Sand Dredging Machine

600m3/h High Capacity Submersible Sand Pump

600m3/h High Capacity Submersible Sand Pump -- Type: SS600-30-110 -- Promotion Price: USD18,739 -- Sand Dredging

Sand Dredging Pump For Dredger

Sand Dredging Pump for Dredger-Type:SS300-50-90 Price: USD15,754

Electric Submersible Slurry Pump With Agitator

Electric Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitator - Price:USD13872 -- High chrome material - 11kw agitators 3sets


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