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Slurry Force Pumps

  • water cooler double suction water pumps

    water cooler double suction water pumpsIntroduction The S series pumps are single stage, double suction; horizontal split case pumps designed for high volume water transfer in a wide range of applications. Centurion pumps are available in 43 sizes ranging from 80mm to 400mm discharge and... READ MORERead More

  • 40PR-MSP Heavy Duty Rubber Slurry Sump Pump

    40PR-MSP Heavy Duty Rubber Slurry Sump PumpVertical, shaft driven centrifugal slurry pumps. Rugged pumping solution for the transfer of slurries and large particles from sumps, pits, tanks and other fixed submersible applications.Read More

  • High Quality Abrasion Resistant Submersible Slurry Pump

    High Quality Abrasion Resistant Submersible Slurry PumpThe Depon® DSS series Slurry pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanism which motor connects directly with pump. It is used for delivering liquid contained sand, coal conder solid etc.. The pump can be mainly employed in clearing the mud in lake, river, sea and widening channel etc. It also can be applied to clear out sewage pool; in building site, steel wokrs and power station and so on, the pump adopts excllent material, advanced structure, and it is with wide flowing passage&strong delivery ability. The hydraulic parts are wear-resistant. The pump isyet completed with control unit.Read More

  • Multistage Pumps For Centrifugal Type

    Multistage Pumps For Centrifugal TypeHigh Pressure Multistage Pumps,Flowrate:6.3m3/h,Head:150m, type D6-25x6, Price: USD932 ONLYRead More

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