Froth Slurry Pump For Mining

Froth Slurry Pump For Mining

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Froth Slurry Pump For Mining

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AF design features:

Bearing assembly-Bearing assembly of AF series is the same with that of SV, SVR series. Bearing housing is installed with motor frame base or supporting plate ,i.e. pump and moto are connectedeither directly with couping or through pulley and belt. Pulleys can be exchanged conveniently to adjust the pump rotating speed to satisfy the varying operating condition.

Feeding tank-Feeding tank can be steel, stainless steel or coatedwith rubber with overflow box and tangential inlet. The former can transmit the excessive incoming slurry back to its pit, while the latter will allow the slurry quickly get into the pump body and make part of the foams disappear.

Double casings structure the pump head. Wetted parts are metal lined, rubber lined or of other non-metallic material according to the different slurries.

Contruction drawing of froth pump:

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Froth pumps section chart:

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