Multistage High Head Electric Motor Water Pump

Discharge Nozzle Rang: DN65 up to 200mm Capacity: up to 700m3/h Heads: up to 560m Speed: 1450-2900rmp Operating Temperature:-10℃-110℃ Casing Pressure (Pmax): 30bar (60bar)

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Product Details

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General Application

The pumps are suitable for water supply and drainage in mines, factories and cities. Note: When the situation is in the coal min, explosion proof type motor shall be used.

●With visual inspected oil mirror to check the lubricant oil to ensure the pump is suitable for continuous running.

●Designed with AISI 316 are optional, also the mechanical seal. Seal could be changed into silicon /ce type, special custom-made is available.

●Application in chemistry, food, paper works, sea water station, environmental equipments usage.

● General water supply

● Municipal water supply

● Pressurized water supply

● Boosters systems

● Boiler feed water and condensate

● Heating and air conditioning

● Irrigation , sprinkler

● Circulation

● Industry

● Fire - fighting systems

● Power plants.

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Model: D6-50

Capacity: 3.75-7.5m³/h

Head: 96-600m

Speed: 2900r/min

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