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3 Set Slurry Sump Pump Sent To South Africa
- Dec 21, 2017 -

The MSP range of vertical submerged slurry pumps have been designed to work over sumps and pits to transfer abrasive large particles and high density slurries. Being of cantilevered design, they do not require a shaft seal or water flush and can be run dry for long periods with no damage to pump components.

MSP-100R pump specifications

Outlet dia(mm): 100

Bearing Frame: R

Max Power (kw): 75 

Max particle size (mm): 32 

Pumping depth: 1200/1500/2100mm

No. of Vanes: 5 

Impeller material: 27% chrome white iron 

Impeller Dia.: 370mm

Wear Liner material: 27% chrome white iron 


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