Electric Motor Vertical Portable Slurry Pump

Electric Motor Vertical Portable Slurry Pump

Product Presentation -MSP heavy duty sump pumps are vertical, shaft driven centrifugal slurry pumps designed for transferring abrasive and high density slurries from sumps, pits and other submersible sources. -Models are available in sizes ranging from... READ MORE

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Electric motor vertical portable slurry pump

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TheDepon®vertical sumppump excellence is embodied inthe range of vertical Sump Pumps.Use a variety of speed and various modifications way, makes the pump in the best condition operation, long service life, high operating efficiency and can meet many kinds of poor transport conditions. It's widely used in the metallurgy, mining, coal, power, building materials, environmental protection and other departments.



  • flow passage components: this type of pumpuse wear resistant metal, impeller choose wear resistant metal or rubber.

  • Bearing components:we usegrease lubrication. According to slag slurry pool liquid height, can choose different lengths of pump shaft or suction pipe.

  • Sealing: Doesn't need any shaft sealor shaft seal water. In suction volume insufficient condition also can work normally below.

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