Submersible Fire Pump

Submersible Fire Pump

The Depon® WQ series sewage pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanism which motor connects directly with pump. It is used for delivering liquid contained sand, coal conder solid etc.. The pump can be mainly employed in clearing the mud in lake, river, sea and widening channel etc. It also can be applied to clear out sewage pool; in building site, steel wokrs and power station and so on, the pump adopts excllent material, advanced structure, and it is with wide flowing passage&strong delivery ability. The hydraulic parts are wear-resistant. The pump isyet completed with control unit.

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Submersible Fire Pump

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Deon Pump is a professional manufatuer of all kinds of centrifugal pumps, mainly slurry pump, water pump, chemical pump etc, and kinds of  high quantity high head pumps are all available.

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