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Maintenance and repair of vertical sewage pump
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Vertical sewage pump is a kind of impurity pump, then how should it be maintained and maintained at ordinary times? Now little series to introduce you to the vertical sewage pump maintenance and maintenance, as follows:
Maintenance and repair of vertical sewage pump
(1) Check the sewage pump pipeline and the joint place there is no loosening phenomenon. Turn the sewage pump with your hand and see if the sewage pump is flexible.
(2) Adding bearing lubricating oil to bearing body, observing oil position should be in the center line of oil standard, lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished in time.
(3) Unscrew the water pump pump body of the diversion screw plug, perfusion diversion (or lead slurry). Self-priming sewage pump
(4) The gate valve and the outlet pressure gauge and the import vacuum table of the outlet road are closed.
(5) Point motor, see if the motor steering is correct.
(6) Start the motor, when the sewage pump normal operation, open the export pressure gauge and import vacuum pump as it shows the appropriate pressure, gradually opened the gate valve, and check the motor load.
(7) As far as possible to control the flow of sewage pump and head in the range marked on the signs to ensure that sewage pump at the highest efficiency point of operation, to obtain the maximum energy-saving effect.
(8) Sewage pump In the process of operation, bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C.
(9) If found abnormal sound of sewage pump should stop immediately check the reason.
(10) When the sewage pump to stop use, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.
(11) Pump sewage pump In the first month of work, 100 hours after the replacement of lubricating oil, each 500 hours, oil change once.
(12) Often adjust the packing gland, to ensure that the packing indoor dripping condition normal (in order to drip out advisable).
(13) regularly check the wear of the sleeve, wear larger after the replacement should be timely.
(14) Sewage pump in the winter season use, after parking, the pump body under the water release screw plug to loosen the media. Prevent frost cracking.
(15) Waste water pump for a long period of time, need to be all the pump apart, dry water, will rotate parts and the combination of grease.

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