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Mechanical classification of sewage pumps
- Jul 21, 2017 -

I. Submersible SEWAGE PUMP
Submersible sewage pump is a kind of pump products used in environmental protection industry to transport solid-liquid mixed liquid such as domestic sewage, industrial waste water, slurry, etc. Submersible sewage pump consists of sewage pump, sealing system, submersible motor, control and protection system, automatic installation system and so on. and the general sewage pump is different: submersible sewage pump in the pump and motor coaxial rotation, and at the same time to dive into the liquid work. The sealing system of the pump can effectively prevent the liquid from entering into the motor cavity and protect the motor safe operation. Control and protection system so that the pump in the event of leakage, oil leakage, overload, overheating, the lack of equal fault, timely alarm and downtime to prepare.

Ⅱ, vertical sewage pump
Sewage pump According to the different ways of sewage, sewage pump can be divided into self-priming sewage pump, liquid sewage pump, with knife-type sewage pump and the automatic mix sewage pump. Vertical sewage pump with a unique single blade or double vane impeller structure, greatly improving the ability to pass the dirt, can effectively through the pump caliber of 5 times times fiber material and diameter of the pump diameter of about 50% of solid particles. Vertical sewage pump, both movable, can also be fixed installation, for construction, farmland irrigation and drainage, enterprises in the process of sewage, suction and discharge, in addition to the application of sewage, but also for the drainage, pulp pumps, irrigation and so on. Use: Waste water discharge of enterprise Unit. Urban sewage Treatment plant discharge system. Subway, basement, air defense system drainage station. Hospital, guesthouse, high-rise building sewage discharge. Sewage and sewerage stations in residential areas. Municipal engineering, construction site of the discharge of slurry. Water supply plant of waterworks. Farm sewage discharge and rural farmland irrigation.

III. Self-priming sewage pump
Self-priming sewage pump using a unique single blade or double vane impeller structure, greatly improving the capacity of the dirt through, can effectively pass the pump caliber of 5 times times fiber material and diameter of the pump caliber of about 50% solid particles. Self-priming sewage pump mechanical seal using a new type of hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, while the seal is improved to the double end of the seal, so that its long-term operation in the oil room, the pump can be run continuously safe for more than 8,000 hours. Self-suction without clogging the overall structure of the sewage pump compact, small size, small noise, energy-saving effect is significant, easy to overhaul, no need to build a pump station, the self-priming sewage pump into the water can work, greatly reduce the cost of the project. Self-priming sewage pump sealing oil indoor settings have a high-precision anti-interference leakage detection sensor, and the stator winding embedded thermal sensors, the absolute protection of the pump motor.

Ⅳ, the automatic mix sewage pump
Automatic mixing sewage pump is in the general sewage pump based on the use of automatic stirring device, the device with the motor shaft rotation, produces the extremely strong stirring force, will the sewage pond's sediment to stir into the suspended material, the suction pump discharges, enhances the pump the blockage, the blowdown ability, completes the draining water, the decontamination, the silt removal, saves the running cost, IS has the obvious advanced environmental protection product.

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