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How to maintain sewage pumps?
- Jul 21, 2017 -

The sewage pump is playing a vital role in optimizing the home environment, and the sewage lifting device used in the home is sure to be used as long as possible. Now to introduce how to maintain sewage pumps.
Lift pump is a kind of sewage processor, in daily life or factory use more and frequency is very high, for the type of lift pump we are generally divided into mobile qw and fixed-type Wq two, if according to the classification of materials we can be divided into stainless steel, cast iron two. How to prolong the service life of the sewage pump, the correct maintenance is the key.
1, sewage lifting equipment must be used when the equipment and the remaining water in the pipeline to prevent corrosion of sewage.
2, if the conditions permit, everyone in cleaning the sewage pump can be removed from the equipment and pipe, in order to clean up.
3. Check the ball bearing of the equipment regularly, such as wear and tear of the inner coat, the ball wear or the surface spots are to be replaced in time.
4, regularly check the equipment impeller on whether there are cracks or small holes, check the impeller of the fixed nut whether there are signs of loosening, if the problem in time to replace or adjust.
5, sewage pump transmission tape is not used, the tape should be removed, with warm water cleaning dry after preservation. Keep the place of direct sunlight, do not exist oil, corrosive substances. Also note that no matter in what circumstances, tape on the oil, diesel or petrol and other oil substances, do not wear gum rosin and other sticky materials, in order to prevent the corrosion of tape.
6. All screws and bolts on the equipment should be washed and cleaned with steel wire brush, then oiled or dipped in diesel oil.

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