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Development And Application Of Pump Industry In China
- Jul 21, 2017 -

According to relevant statistics, around the world nearly million pump manufacturers, pump products are more than 5,000 kinds. From the 2010-2020 World pump market expected sales trend, the future of Western Europe, North America, the Far East will continue to be the main market for pump products, but the share of the downward trend, China and India market sales will show a clear upward trend.
Energy saving and emission reduction is an important index of China's "Twelve-Five" plan, the power industry is the basic energy industry which is worth paying attention to in the development of national economy, with the rapid development of economy, the demand of electricity is expanding, the power industry is developing rapidly, and the power industry is the primary industry of sulphur dioxide emission in China, and also the key industry to control acid rain and sulphur dioxide pollution Up to now, the world's industrial developed countries widely used in thermal power units for 500-800MW capacity, only the United States, Russia, Japan have a few 1000-1300mw capacity units. The construction of power plant with high parameter high-capacity unit can effectively reduce unit cost and power generation cost, increase labor productivity, and reduce power station cloth point, so as to facilitate centralization of power and speed up the development of electric power construction.
By the end of 2010, the total installed capacity of the National power Station is 962190MW. Among them, the thermal power installed capacity of 706630MW, accounted for 73.44%, hydropower installed capacity of 213400MW, accounted for 22.18%, the installed capacity of nuclear energy is 10820MW, accounted for 1.12%, wind power Installed capacity of 31070MW, accounted for 3.23%. It can be expected that thermal power will remain the dominant position in the energy composition of our country for a long time, and the construction and transformation of the hydropower station will continue to occupy an important position in the energy development of the "Twelve-Five" period.
Water pump is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in power plant, which plays a vital role in the safety and economy of unit operation.
The use of boiler water pump in power plant is as follows: by the end of 2010, China has run 1673 units of 100MW and above, including fuel and gas units. In these 1673 sets of thermal power units, involving 2750 units of boiler water pump, of which 426 pump units for 200-299MW capacity units, 15.5% of the total number of units, 1450 pump units used for 300-399MW capacity unit, accounting for 52.7% of the total number of units, 21 pump units for 500MW capacity unit, accounting for 0.76% of the total number of units, 786 pump units for 600-699MW capacity units, accounting for 28.6% of the total number of units 12 pump units for 700MW capacity, 0.43% of the total number of units, 8 pump units for the 800MW capacity Unit, accounting for 0.29% of the total number of units, 6 pump units for the 900MW capacity Unit, accounting for 0.21% of the total number of units, 41 pump units for the 1000MW capacity Unit, accounting for 1.5% of the total number of units. If the country to carry out 300MW units under the "Big Change Small" project, then there will be more than 400 boilers to pump to be replaced or abolished, which for domestic power plant pump manufacturers will be a very development of the market.
Faced with the new situation and new task of "Twelve-Five", coal-fired power plants will shoulder greater social responsibility and face more difficulties. At present, the domestic pump energy consumption index compared with the world's advanced level is a gap, so in-depth research and analysis of water pump's own energy-saving method and boiler water supply system is very important.

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