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Three Forms Of Damage To Pump Parts
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Water pump easily damaged parts have many, in the process of use for a long time, because of some reasons, it will be very easy to be damaged, and the cause of the pump parts of the damage caused by a lot of split, let's take a look at it.
In the process of use, the pump parts will be corroded, and this is one of the reasons for the damage to the pump parts, so, in order to prevent the pump parts from corrosion and damage, will usually use some nickel, chromium, zinc and other corrosion-resistant materials, deposited in the metal parts of the surface (or oil), for non-metallic parts, it can be coated on its surface anti-corrosion paint to prevent corrosion.
The pump parts sometimes have fatigue damage due to long use time. For example, breaking, surface spalling and so on, at this time need to improve the surface smoothness of the parts in the manufacturing process, in order to reduce the stress concentration of parts, section filtering needs to adopt a more moderate method, carburizing, quenching and other methods can prevent the emergence of this phenomenon.
Wear damage can be said to be the most common cause of damage to the pump parts, so, in order to reduce abrasive wear, in the agricultural machinery working parts need to use wear-resistant materials, in the shape of agricultural machinery working parts design, but also to minimize its friction resistance.

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