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Summary Of Six Point Maintenance Error Of Chemical Pump
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Summarize the six points of the chemical pump repair error:
Chemical pump as a mechanical industrial commodity, in the practice of the use of the side, the product of the disease attack is a lot of goods to see the question. Some operators may have a certain understanding of the product, with a common sense of the chemical pump products to repair. This article in the chemical pump product repair misunderstanding aspects to do a few summary, to help users very good deal with the problem of the goods questions:

Misunderstanding one, the greater the Shang contraction, the better the sealing effect.
Clarify: Shang Austerity is too large, not only not a very good sealing effect, but simply to cause greater friction, speed up wear. Excessive tightening allows Shang to lose the ability to adjust the end of the ring, resulting in sealing failure.

Myth Two: The more tight the dynamic ring seal the better.
Clarify: The ring seal ring too tight will not only form the seal ring and the bushing speed up damage, very simple leakage, reduce its service life, and too tight dynamic ring seal will increase the dynamic ring axial adjustment, moving resistance, cause the chemical pump in the work condition attack more frequent change, can not be used to adjust; the second too tight dynamic ring seal will form Shang excessive exhaustion more simple formation of damage, after all, a little too tight dynamic ring seal will form ring seal ring deformation, and then ultimately affect the chemical pump product sealing effect.

Myth Three: The more tight the ring seals the better.
State: Generally speaking, chemical pump static ring seal ring under normal condition is in the condition of Stop, static ring seal ring moderately tight a little seal effect will be better, but too tight will not only cause the static ring seal due to excessive deformation, affect the sealing effect, and the static ring sealing ring of raw materials mostly graphite, usually more brittle, excessive force is very simple cause fragmentation, and in the static ring sealing ring device and the time of disassembly is more difficult, static ring is also very simple damage.

Myth Four: The more tightly the impeller lock mother the better.
Clarification: leakage of sleeve and shaft is one of the most common leaks in mechanical seal leak. About the general operator may think that the leakage of the shaft is the impeller lock mother is not tight. In fact, about the shaft leakage, resulting in many of the elements of this kind of fault attack, inter-axle cushion failure, migration, the axis of impurity, shaft and sleeve cooperation with a larger form and position error, contact surface damage, the axis of the components have a gap, the axis of the thread too long and many other elements, will form a leak between the shaft. Lock mother locking too much will cause premature failure of the axle pad, contrary to the appropriate locking of the mother, so that the axial cushion has been maintained a certain degree of elasticity, in the work of the lock mother will be active when the lock, so that the shaft has been in good sealing condition.

Myth Five: The new mechanical seals are better than the old ones.
In theory, the use of new mechanical seals is better than the use of old mechanical seals, but the practice of the use of new mechanical seal quality or raw material selection, and cooperation scale error will have a greater effect on the use of mechanical seals. In the polymerization and permeability medium, the static ring without excessive wear, is still not replaced as good. Because the static ring in the static ring seat in the long time in the stop condition, so that the polymer and impurity deposition as a whole, has played a better sealing effect.

Myth Six: The demolition is better than not.
Clarification: about some users, in the discovery of mechanical seals leak, do not worry about demolition, because there is no damage to seal, or perhaps because of the chemical pump working environment conditions attack changes, this time only to adjust the working conditions of chemical pumps or properly adjust the seal can eliminate leakage.
We repair mechanical goods at the time, as far as possible to have professional repair personnel on-site to operate to avoid improper repair of the formation of unnecessary loss.

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