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Pump Valve Industry Bright Future Need Technology To Support
- Jul 21, 2017 -

At present, the low-end field of pump valve industry in China has been basically realized domestically, in high-end fields also by virtue of cost, service and other advantages to achieve the gradual replacement of imported products, and committed to the international competition in the pump valve industry. But in the internal and external due to the impact of many uncertainties and the impact of domestic enterprises to achieve synchronization with the market development, but also to accelerate the casting of "domestic advantages", in order to counterbalance the international giants of China's pump valve market flooded.

China pump valve industry is now in a relatively positive demand for the development period, but also because so many pump valve enterprises are striving to expand the size of enterprises to achieve long-term benefits or sustainable growth. At the same time, China's pump and valve industry has ushered in a number of new players to join. However, it is precisely because of the two good collision and led to the "big but not strong" pump valve industry status.

From this point of view, China's pump valve industry to achieve sustainable development, expansion of enterprise size is on the one hand, strengthen the enterprise technology development and product development capabilities is the key. In other words, at this stage of homogenization, if we want to maintain or pull the development of an industry, we must take the differentiation competitive advantage as the support, and the "differentiated competitive advantage" should meet the needs of the current economic development and the target market, so as to achieve a sustainable development of China's pump and valve industry.

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