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Discussion On The Precautions For Starting And Stopping Pump Of High-pressure Water Pump
- Jul 21, 2017 -

There are many types of pumps, because of the use of demand, the use of the environment and the use of different areas, the choice of the pump is also different, to high-pressure water pump for example, in its many species, micro-pressure pump because of its own high pressure, small size, easy to carry, and can be used to drive batteries, such as the characteristics of a wide range of applications, is mainly used to complete cleaning, spraying, spraying, pressurization, pumping, etc., but high-pressure water pumps in the start-up and stop the pump when there are their own requirements.

First, the start-up of high-pressure water pump
 In the high-pressure water pump before the start, to the lubricating oil cooling system, instrumentation system to check the system, but also to check whether the three-bit valve is in the state of reflux, again disk car; and then to do is to pump the outlet pipe vent valve open, the pump to check the situation, after the inspection will exhaust valve closed, and then again to the cooling water and lubricating oil flow to check, to ensure the normal operation of high-pressure pumps and running; send out the pump signal, when the signal is allowed to open the pump, you can start the button.
 The next thing to do is to motor current (no more than rated current), pump outlet pressure (≤32MPA), Pump radial bearing temperature (<70℃), Pump thrust bearing temperature (<80℃), gear box bearing temperature (<100℃), Motor bearing temperature (<80℃), the injection point before and after the oil temperature (<20℃) to check, to ensure that these values remain within the normal range. In addition, check the motor, pump temperature rise, pump population pressure, motor and pump vibration, observe the two-way seal flushing water and mechanical seals leakage; also to the lubricating oil quantity, oily, pressure of the work of the regular inspection; Pay attention to the operation of the operating disk and current changes, but also need to note that in the intermediate operation steps, the three-bit valve and the main control Panel of the instrument to show whether the lamp is consistent.

Second, high pressure pump stop pump
 When the stop pump signal is received, can be prepared for the stop pump, first of all, to remove the coke control valve to the return position, when the main plate on the three-bit valve return display lights, there can be stopped pump button, high-pressure water pump to stop running after the bearing temperature near room temperature, in order to stop the lubricating oil system, remove the lubricating oil mains pressure low self starter pump interlock; Next, the Auxiliary oil pump field switch from automatic switch to manual state, deactivate the main oil pump, the lubricating oil cooler import and export valve closed, deactivate cooling water system The total power switch is turned off, the pump stops running, the car must be 3-6 laps, the machine pump and the surrounding clean up, for the next open pump to prepare. In addition, it should be noted that if the stop pump button failure, it is to contact with the top driller, press the emergency stop pump button to stop the pump, the seal flushing Water closed, notice outside the operation, stop with the coke water lifting pump, and the remaining water in the Coke pot is put in the net; Winter temperature is very low, after stopping the pump, should be out, inlet water and pump memory drained, and dry with the non-purifying wind, to prevent icing, affect the normal operation of the next operation.

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