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Several Major Aspects Of Mechanical Seal And Oil Seal Failure Of Water Pump
- Jul 21, 2017 -

For pump products, mechanical seals and oil seals are very important, one but they appear wear or damage will cause some undesirable phenomenon, thus affecting the overall operation of the pump, which is no exception to the pump, the following on the pump mechanical seals and oil seals for everyone to carry out a simple analysis.
General water pump mechanical seals failure of mechanical seal assembly bad, lip wear, rubber aging; among them, the main performance of poor assembly in the lip mouth has obvious scars, early leakage, oil seal is butterfly-like deformation, oil seal lip Mouth Reverse assembly Direction flip or spring off, the machine that occurs leakage, oil seal lip and shaft surface coating grease too much, appear early leakage; lip mouth wear mainly in poor lubrication, lip mouth face wear serious, more than 1/3 of the width, showing matte, The surface roughness of the axle is greater than 0.8μm, lubricating oil contains dust, impurities or dust-free devices, dust, foreign bodies, such as intrusion, lip diameter to pressure too large, oil film interruption, dry friction, installation eccentric, lip mouth sliding surface abnormal wear, the largest and smallest wear symmetrical distribution; the wear marks of the sliding surface of the main lip and the accessory lip are symmetrical distributions, but the size position is the opposite; rubber aging is mainly manifested in the lip of overheating hardening or cracking, poor lubrication, lip hardening, cracking, lip swelling, softening.
Normally, the main faults of pump oil seals are bad lip mouth, early leakage phenomenon, poor spring quality or failure, radial pressure is too small and so on, and whether the mechanical seal failure or oil seal failure all need to find the root of the problem, and take appropriate measures to solve.

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